Belandi Feearr - Will's Character

Belandi is a Mirialan Healer. She is a pacifist.


Belandi is a Mirialan about 5’9, lightly built with light bluish green skin, and emerald green eyes. she has many tattoos. in the Mirialan style.


Belandi Feearr was a member of a Mirialan religious order on a Mirialan colony world in the outer rim, dwelling in a temple complex that dominated her home city and serving as a healer in the community. Belandi was a member of a movement within her order that itself the pacifists, preaching peace and mercy above all other virtues ( as opposed to the Benedictorsm the Revellers and the contemplators, among others, who each held their own interpretations of the creed).

When the empire claimed control of her home planet, Belandi joined the rest of the pacifists in counselling non-interference with the political ebb and flow of the galaxy. The benedictors objected, staged a protest of the new imperial governor, and where exterminated by storm troopers. It was the beginning of a long period of oppression and division among the followers of the creed, some of whom continued to preach political non involvement and others who objected to the empires policy. those who objected vanished one by one. some where publicly arrested or killed. others simply disappeared with no explanation.
After almost two years of imperial rule, Belandi was called upon to heal the chief of the local security offices: the governments’ enforcer, the one responsible for the death or disappearance of many of belandi’s colleagues and friends. The woman was dying of an infected wound, a stubborn ailment easily mended by Belandi’s arts but resistant to more traditional therapies. Belandi could have easily saved the woman’s life. Instead, she let her die.

Wanted for murder on her home world and racked with guilt over her decision Belandi was smuggled off planet by Hethan Romund, an old friend of her order who had several times visited her temples libraries. Belandi became a recluse, meditating on the past and vowing never again to give into fear, hatred or revenge. Hiding in a ruined temple on a world far off the normal travel routes. Her only contact with the outside galaxy was a smuggler named Fa’lstarr who Hethan had put in contact with her. In exchange for healing people he brought to her he supplied her with food and other supplies as well as news about the outside universe.

Fa’starr brought word to Belandi that Hethan Romund was in trouble and was calling in the favour. Fa’starr transported Belandi to Spintir smuggling her in his ship and supplying her with a speeder so she could reach Hethans last know position. On the journey to Hethan she was forced to abandon her speeder in the rough terrain but met with several others who where also answering Hethans call.
The group found out from some bandits and villagers that their was trouble at the temple and Hethan was likely to be there Killing a darksider in the process. The group managed to clear the temple and free Hethan, during the after combat looting the group attempted to take the darksiders sword but none of them where able to take it. at the urging of the others Belandi tried to take it and was able to push past the waves of dark energy pushing off it, not giving into her fear.

Belandi has become fascinated by the sword could she possibly redeem it and turn it to a scalpel to remove the disease from the galaxy or is it corrupting her pulling her away from her peaceful ways. She also remembers her vow not to give into fear anger or hatred, and now sees abandoning the weapon as giving into these.
Belandi has also began construction of a lightsaber, to her more of a symbol and focus of her past, than a weapon, having discovered a profound link between the teaching of her old religious order and the teachings of the jedi order. She is curious to learn more of this.

Belandi Feearr - Will's Character

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