Force Sensitive Togruta


Kaveri was separated from her family at a young age. Before the separation, they lived a nomadic lifestyle, travelling from planet to planet. After being separated, Kaveri continued this. She found a living as a wilderness guide and hunter throughout the outer rim.

Kaveri met Hethan Romund on one such en devour. They went to explore a ‘ruin’ on deserted world. When they got there though, the ruin was not a ruin at all. It was a fully functioning monastery run by a group of peaceful Zabraks.

After spending weeks exploring the monastery and learning from the monks, Kaveri and Romund parted ways as friends. It was Romund that revealed Kaveri’s force sensitivity after studying her after she became curious about Kaveri’s uncanny knack for spotting trouble before it happened and understanding local wildlife of places she had never been before.

After she departed the planet, she found a young monk, Dao who had stowed away on board her ship. She decided to let him stay, especially as he had information on the force. Kaveri and Dao became friends and traveled the galaxy together in search of answers about the force.

After a distress call from Romund, Kaveri and Dao traveled to Spintir. They met a few other people who also answered Romunds distress call. They managed to rescue her and discover a temple and a holocron. After the rescue, Dao decided to stay and study at the temple.

After this, Kaveri met a few more allies in her search to find more about the force and help others along the way. They use the temple as a base of operations.


Kaveri is a seeker by nature.

She has tasked herself with finding out as much as she can about the force by gathering information and artifacts in hope to understand her place in the world and what her ‘duty’ to the force may be.

Kaveri wishes to be more like the Jedi and is very enthusiastic but she can sometimes let her emotions lead her and she has a tendency to be reckless.

Kaveri recently constructed a light saber with a purple crystal. She is still learning how to use it and though she means to use it as a means to an end and use her blaster rifle on stun as her first weapon, she has found herself overcome by fear for her new friends and herself and uses the light saber. This has resulted in a few bodies sliced in half. She is not so happy about this but has come to a mindset that it was necessary to save her and her friends.


She would like to help but when she tries to help the wounded, it doesnt always end so well..

Recently, a wookie joined their group and Kaveri has taken it upon herself to speak his words from the translator screen.


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