Teas Pilau

Most definitely a trap


Teas Pilau is a Mon Calamari smuggler/hitman who favours large, loud automatic-fire guns, and explosives.


Teas has no sense of humour; he does not understand the point of jokes, but nothing makes him grin like a huge explosion. He does not interact well with other people.

He grew up on Mon Cala, joining the military as a young squiddie. Something was never right, and about 20 years ago during the Battle of Mon Cala he discovered his life had been missing explosives.

After realising the potential of large amounts of explosives coupled with a huge repeating blaster, he rose through the ranks quickly, eventually being invited to join the elite Mon Calamari Guard, the unit which protected Prince (later King) Lee-Char.

He did not enjoy the traditional weaponry used by the regiment, instead opting for his loud ‘dishonourable’ blaster and explosives, much to the dismay of the regiment’s leadership.

After the Rebellion was ended, Teas did not function well in a diplomatic role. This coupled with his refusal to carry traditional weaponry led to him being discharged from the Guard with quotes at his court martial appearance such as “Nearly took out our whole unit”, “Told the King to stop being a pushover”, and “Spat at the Quarren diplomat”. He does not like talking about this.

He took his repeating blaster and all the explosives he could carry, and started his new life as a smuggler/hitman.

Teas Pilau

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