Star Wars Force & Destiny

The Story So Far

Arriving at the planet of Spintir, our force sensitive heroes met each other at the foot of Mount Tellec. Ascending the mountain, they met the Warden who waited until they had tested their mettle against the dangers of the mountain before requesting their assistance in dealing with Malefax and his cronies who were inhabiting the Dawn Temple.

After defeating Malefax, the Warden explained that he was but one of the three holocrons that watched over the Dawn Temple, and that the others had been lost to time. He tasked our heroes with finding the nearest of them, leading them to the Caves of Light and Dark, there they managed to reclaim the missing holocron, whilst those who were aware of their force sensitivity also went through trials to gain what they later found to be lightsaber crystals, a key and personal component vital to the construction of a lightsaber.

Returning to the Dawn Temple, our heroes are about to create these lightsabers.


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