Star Wars Force & Destiny

The Dawn Temple Restored

Our heroes have had a strenuous time, but following on from their rescue of Hethan Romund they were enlisted by the Curator to recover the holocrons of the other two gatekeepers in charge of the temple.

Recovering the first from the Caves of Light and Shadow, our force sensitives also discovered their lightsaber crystals. Upon their return to the temple, they were joined by a force sensitive Wookie, Rhuwn, drawn to the powerful vergeance in the force that is located in the area. With the Warden restored to the temple, she was able to instruct our heroes in how to construct their own lightsabers using the parts available in the temple. Whilst the process proved challenging without physical instruction and assistance, they eventually found themselves with functional weapons.

After some time in the temple, the curator and the warden informed our heroes that they had partially located the third gatekeeper's holocron, that it was still on the planet, somewhere in the city of Reles. With some further information the heroes set out to Reles to try and track down the final holocron to bring the temple closer to its former glory. Upon arriving, Rhuwn and Kaveri set out to find some form of translation device to help them better communicate with their new Wookie companion, whilst Belandi and Teas tried to find a cantina where they could seek out more information in their quest to find the holocron. Getting split up along the way, Teas found a shopkeeper being beset by a couple of bruisers from Heavy Gan's Gang, the only link they had to the missing holocron. Helping the shopkeeper back to a less reputable cantina than the first that they had found, Teas found himself face to face with an old rival of his, a bounty hunter known only as The Traveller. Explaining that his interests lay elsewhere these days, The Traveller departed before Teas' companions arrived.

Having obtained information about where Heavy Gan ran his operations from, the intrepid adventurers staked out the place before riding in on a speeder to try and find out what they needed to know. Some terse words were had before Rhuwn tried to threaten Heavy Gan with a roar, blaster bolts were soon flying with Teas showing his combat prowess by mowing down several of their opponents in a single attack. Heavy Gan quickly found himself in the wookie's rather shocking hands, and finally capitulated, agreeing to set up a meeting with the shadowy Syndicate, upon whose orders he had stolen the holocron from the temple. Meeting with the Syndicate yielded the information our heroes needed, that the planetary governor was in posession of the holocron.

Deciding to organise a legitimate meeting with the governor, our heroes found themselves in a room not only with the governor and the holocron, but a mysterious third individual, recognised only by Teas as The Traveller. Handling the holocron, it seemed to react to The Traveller, hovering and glowing as the others had, however Belandi's attempt to take the holocron from him using the force failed. It was then that The Traveller revealed his true allegiance, igniting a red lightsaber blade, almost casually. Taking him by surprise, our three force sensitives ignited thier own and attempted to defeat this inquisitor, however it was quickly evident that they were outclassed by him, his skill with the force was beyond their own, and his training with a lightsaber made it all but impossible for them to inflict any permanent damage onto him. Seeing that this battle was an inevitable loss, Teas made his escape through the window, followed soon after by Rhuwn with a wounded Kaveri in his grasp. Belandi found herself secluded from the rest, but made a break into the mansion towards its entrance. Managing to escape into the streets, it seemed like no alarm had been raised, though Kaveri's ship was in lockdown at the spaceport. Returning to the temple, vigilantly checking for any followers, they installed the final holocron in to its place in the holocron chamber, finding a gatekeeper known as The Jailor greeting them and thanking them for their help.

Not long after, with Belandi tending to their wounds, alarms started sounding in the temple as the prisoners, long locked in the temple depths, started to escape. Malefax's sabotage was revealed as the prisoners sought to do their master's bidding. Tracking down several escaping groups of prisoners, their master was not amongst them but was in the temple itself, trying to access the holocron chamber. As they returned, they confronted this fallen jedi from the clone wars, the force sensitives coming under a mental attack from him. Teas meanwhile dealt an unexpectedly crippling blow to him, immediately putting him on the defensive, but quickly fell as the fallen jedi launched a huge piece of rock at him, all but crushing him. Having broken off his mental attack however, he made to escape, using the force to enhance his physical being, but Kaveri attacked him, damaging his lightsaber and making it unable to function. His attack back at her was vicious, but his goal was to escape, not to defeat these weak force users. As he turned his back on them, and made to leave the temple, Kaveri battled through her wounded state to strike him down, unarmed and with his back turned to her . . .

The Story So Far

Arriving at the planet of Spintir, our force sensitive heroes met each other at the foot of Mount Tellec. Ascending the mountain, they met the Warden who waited until they had tested their mettle against the dangers of the mountain before requesting their assistance in dealing with Malefax and his cronies who were inhabiting the Dawn Temple.

After defeating Malefax, the Warden explained that he was but one of the three holocrons that watched over the Dawn Temple, and that the others had been lost to time. He tasked our heroes with finding the nearest of them, leading them to the Caves of Light and Dark, there they managed to reclaim the missing holocron, whilst those who were aware of their force sensitivity also went through trials to gain what they later found to be lightsaber crystals, a key and personal component vital to the construction of a lightsaber.

Returning to the Dawn Temple, our heroes are about to create these lightsabers.


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